Please update your device firmware to the latest version:

v4.8.19 and lower may have issues with proxy detection due to new Windows Operating System changes.

The Sentry device client will auto detect your proxy settings from Internet Explorer or from WinHTTP settings.

Please allow full traffic to https://yourserverhostname/* TCP PORT443

*If you have a SafeConsole cloud server, you only need to make exception for and not

Please tunnel or forward the traffic through and do not terminate SSL at your proxy server.   Doing so will interfere with the device client
software's requirement of needing client/mutual authentication using client certificates to establish TLS handshake with the server.

The device client will need to perform these HTTP requests types for full compatibility:

To see if your proxy is intercepting the certificate view the certificate in your web browser. You can do this by going to your connection token. Replace company with your domain name. You may get an error saying that the certificate is not trusted as it should be a self-signed certificate. To view the actual certificate, will depend on your web browser. For Chrome you will need to open development options by clicking F12, then go to the certificate tab, Finally click "View Certificate."