Which Defender series of products are compatible with Mac computers?


The higher end Defender products, i.e. Defender F100, F150, F200 + Bio, H100 and H200 + Bio, are fully compatible with Mac OS 10.5, 10.6 and 10.7.2 per the following conditions:

  1. The Mac hardware must be Intel processor based.
  2. The firmware version on the Defender drive must be at Version 2.2, or higher.

The Defender F50 is a software encrypted product and the software is not Mac compatible.  Non-encrypted files can be stored on the device, but the encryption of files is only available on a Windows platform.

Early Defender products, F100 and up, may be at firmware level 2.1.  An update is available to level 2.2 to enable operation on Mac OS 10.5 and up..