The DL3 allows the device administrator to enforce strong password rules.

By enabling this the User must set a password that meets the following requirements :

1) Password must be 8 characters long

2) Sequential passwords such as "12345678", "98765432", "abcdefg", "gfedcba" are prohibited.

3) Repeating passwords such as "11111111", "99999999", "AAAAAAAA", "BBBBBBBB" are prohibited.

4) One alpha character is required.


To enable this feature, log into your DL3 or DL3FE using the administrator login.

As soon as you log in, immediately tap the soft button labeled "SETUP"

Next, tap the soft button labeled "SYSTEM"

Once you have done that, there should be a soft button labeled "STRONG PASSWORD".  It will be the 3rd soft button from the top on the LCD screen.

Tap that screen and it will show you the setup screen for setting up the "STRONG PASSWORD".

You can require up to 31 characters and a minimum of 6 characters for the password length.