When accessing your EMS Cloud Online Login screen it's possible that you might see a warning regarding the security of the website.

Why is this?

Google has recently made the decision to flag websites with SSL certificates signed by Symantec as possibly untrustworthy. This warning will show up if you're using the latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox to access your EMS Cloud Online Login portal. 

What is the current risk?

Our EMS Cloud servers are using a valid Symantec SSL Certificate, so traffic is still secure. 

What is the plan going forward?

Replacement of EMS Cloud Symantec-issued SSL Certificates with non-Symantec issued certificates is already underway. Once the SSL certificates are replaced the warning seen within Google Chrome and Firefox should no longer be displayed. 

Who do I contact if I have questions or concerns?

Email: support@datalocker.com

Phone: 913-310-9088 (9AM - 5PM CST)

Support Portal: support.datalocker.com