1. Download the zip file provided by Datalocker support.

2. Stop the SafeConsole server:

  • Locate the SafeConsole application within the Services Microsoft Snap-in and highlight it.
  • Click Stop in the upper left-hand corner.

3. It is recommended that you back up your server by zipping up your entire SafeConsole installation after stopping the server and before modifying any files. 

  • Locate your SafeConsole folder (Default location = C:\Program Files (x86\SafeConsole)) and Select all
  • Right-click => Send to => Compressed (zipped) folder

4. Locate the safeconsole cache folder located at work\catalina\safeconsole.

5. Select all and delete everything inside this safeconsole folder.

6. Open the zipped file that was provided by Datalocker support.

7. Drag all contents from the zipped file to the safeconsole install folder. (C:\Program Files (x86)\safeconsole\)

8. If prompted, click Replace the files in the destination.

9. Once it has finished copying, you can restart your server by opening the SafeConsole Configurator and running through the steps.