If there are resources you would like to make available to your SafeConsole Cloud server securely over the Internet, follow the guide below:

Supported VPN platforms:


Benefits for a VPN connection:

Connecting your Active Directory to the SafeConsole Server allows to sync Staff and Users. 

Creating a VPN Connection:

  • If you have a pre-existing OpenVPN connection you may opt to email support the client config to be implement on your SafeConsole Cloud Server.

  • To create a new OpenVPN connection on your Active Directory Server. 
  1. Download and Install OpenVPN
  2. In a command prompt, generate a static key. 
    openvpn --genkey --secret static.key
  3. Open up a notepad and create the server.ovpn file
    dev tun
    secret static.key
    keepalive 10 60

  4. Create a client.ovpn file. Replace myremote.mydomain with the fully qualified domain name of your server or it's IP address
    remote myremote.mydomain
    dev tun
    secret static.key
  5. Make sure Port 1194 UDP is open in your firewall
  6. Run OpenVPN with the server configuration file.The static key needs to be in the same folder as the server.conf file
  7. Zip, optionally with a password, the static key and client.conf file to support@datalocker.com. You may give the password over the phone at (913) 310-9088.

  • If your Active Directory server is separate from your OpenVPN server then you will need to add your subnet to the client configuration file like so:
    Then on the server side, add a route to the server's LAN gateway that routes to the OpenVPN server machine (only necessary if the OpenVPN server machine is not also the gateway for the server-side LAN). Also, don't forget to enable IP Forwarding on the OpenVPN server machine.