Please review these conditions that may affect your SafeConsoleReady devices from launching in Windows 7 and higher.

  • Problem: SafeConsole client application does not open from Windows Auto-Play prompt or when double clicking the application from CD-ROM drive within Windows Explorer.

Cause: Fresh install of Windows 7 or higher without a network adapter installed may cause this issue.   Not having the proper security updates from Microsoft installed may also cause this issue.  This problem is also caused by firewalls blocking traffic to application's digital signature verification servers (see notes below).

Resolution: Launch the SafeConsole client application from within the "win" folder.  ie: e:\win\Sentry3FIPS.exe

The launcher application that resides in the root "e:\" folder performs a digital signature verification on the executable to prevent malwares from using autorun.inf to launch malicious software.

We recommend that all Windows machines have the latest security updates from Microsoft installed on their machines.

Notes:  The SafeConsole device client software verifies integrity to prevent malware infections using digital signatures.  In order for the verification to perform correctly, you may need to allow network access to Comodo servers.  

Please visit the links below for a list of hostnames to allow.