The benefit of the H200 biometric scanner is that the device can be unlocked with just a swipe of the finger. No software is needed allowing you to unlock the drive in Windows, MacOS, Linux, or even boot to the unlocked partition through BIOS. 

Configuring the H200 

Your H200 will need a user that has Biometric only or Password or Biometric for the authentication method. 

A typical setup will default to "Password or Biometric" so there is a good chance your device is already waiting for your fingerprint after you plug it in. You can also recycle your device and configure multiple users so the private partition that is mounted is based on which fingerprint unlocks the device. Please see this article for Recycling and manually setting up your device. 

Manual Setup

If you would like to manually set up your device to have multiple secret partitions then you can. To accomplish this you will need to recycle your device and start fresh. Please backup all your data!

To Recycle your device you will need the management code. This management code is RECYCLE by default. If this doesn't work please try the password you used when you first set up the device as it is likely the same. After the device is recycled select Personalize Device

Make sure you select Custom and click Next. For the Authentication Method select Biometric Only or "Biometric or Password."

Continue with the setup of your H200 we recommend keeping the rest of the options set to default. You will be asked for two or three passwords. 

The Management Code which allows you to reset the device. We recommend using RECYCLE as forgetting this will lock you out of your device next time it needs to be reset or the firmware updated. 

The Administrator Password, which allows you to recover, delete, or modify users. 

The User Password (Optional) to login instead of your fingerprint.

You will also need to enroll your fingerprints. 

Unlocking Your Device 

Plug in your H200. The Green LED will blink when it is ready for a fingerprint. Once your fingerprint is recognized the Green light will be solid and the Blue light will illuminate to show data being transferred. If an Red LED shows up that means your fingerprint was not verified and to please try again. Verify that your private partition shows up as the full amount in My Computer or wherever you view disk volumes on your computer. This process will work on any Operating System as all the authentication is done in hardware. If you set up multiple users then you can unlock the corresponding partition depending on which finger you authenticate with.

Booting From Your Encrypted H200

Your H200 device can even be unlocked in BIOS. Reboot your computer with the device plugged in. The computer should halt saying remove this device to continue. The H200 should be flashing the Green LED awaiting your fingerprint to be scanned. Scanning your finger successfully will cause the Green LED to go solid. You can now reboot your computer with CTRL+ALT+DELETE or ESCAPE and see the full private volume as a boot device. If the H200 loses power during the reboot then your fingerprint will need to be re-entered. You can try pausing the boot sequence with the PAUSE/BREAK key or finding a different way to interrupt the boot process. For example Thinkpads can pause by simply pressing enter during boot. Swiping your finger, then pressing F12 to select the boot device. Your H200 device will show up has a USB HDD: H200 Private

Installing an OS

Now that you know that you can see your H200 from BIOS and select it as a boot device you can install any ISO to the drive using a third party formatting tool such as Rufus. Make sure you unlock the H200 and the full partition size is shown instead of the public 9MB Partition that is shown when the device is locked. In this example FreeDOS will be installed to the private Partition but you can install any ISO.