*This only applies to device clients earlier than 4.8.

Sentry FIPS v4.2.2 is used for this tutorial.

  1. Visit SafeConsole's "Quick Connect Guide" and go to the "Legacy Devices" tab.

  2. Right-click "Server Certificate" and "Server Registry Key" links and save as.  Save these files to your desktop.

  3. Double click the certificate file and proceed to install it into your certificate store.

  4. Click "Install Certificate" and choose to place the certificate in the "Trusted Root Certification Authorities" store.

  5. At the "Security Warning" prompt, click "Yes" to trust the certificate.

  6. Proceed to import the registry key file. 

  7. This will add new entries that will link the SafeConsoleReady devices to the SafeConsole server.

  8. Now you may start up the Sentry FIPS client application and set a password if you haven't done so.

  9. After the device has finished initializing, it will detect the new settings on the machine and attempt to register the device to the SafeConsole server.

  10. Click "Yes" and proceed to register with the SafeConsole server.
  11. After device registration has been completed, you will now see a new device listed on the SafeConsole Admin Portal.

  12. The device has now been registered and you may perform remote actions to the device.
  13. Performing the "Reset Password" action is a good way to confirm a successful device to server registration.

  14. You are done!