*Applies to SafeConsole v5.1.x On-Premises

If you are running v5.1.1.5, you will need to download new files to patch your install.  This is a temporary fix and new updates will have this fix already implemented.  If you are running a version lower than v5.1.1.5, please update your SafeConsole version by downloading link: https://media.datalocker.com/downloads/safeconsole/onprem/SafeConsole-Setup.exe

  1. Stop the server by running the SafeConsole Configurator program. 
  2. At the first page of the SafeConsole Configurator app, close out of it and confirm to exit.
  3. Download new files that were changed: https://media.datalocker.com/downloads/safeconsole/onprem/patch-
  4. Unzip and copy the files to your SafeConsole installation folder.
  5. SafeConsoleConfigurator.exe should be in C:\Program FIles (x86)\safeconsole
  6. Safeconsole.jar file should be in C:\Program FIles (x86)\safeconsole\lib
  7. After copying the files and confirm to replace existing files, start the SafeConsole server by running SafeConsole Configurator again.
  8. Proceed to SMTP page and enter your Office365 SMTP settings.  And example is shown below.

  9. Proceed through wizard and start the SafeConsole server.

  10. Test the new Email settings by sending yourself an email.  You may use the Deployment Wizard for this.

  11. You should now receive your test message sent by your Office365 Email Server.