The following processes should be white-listed or exceptions made within your security or anti-virus software to allow the IronKey to perform as specified.

ironkey.exe (IronKey Control Panel & IronKey Identity Manager)


SecureSessions.exe (IronKey Secure Sessions)

Privoxy.exe (IronKey Secure Sessions)

vidalia.exe (IronKey Secure Sessions)

token.exe (CRYPTOCard)

SecurID.exe (RSA SecurID One-Time Passwords)

            MalwareScanner.exe (IronKey Malware Scanner)

IKSecureBackup.exe (IronKey Secure Backup) (For S100/S200/D200 devices)

pflauncher.exe (Mozilla Firefox Launcher) (For S100/S200/D200 devices)

IKMalwareScanner.exe (IronKey Malware Scanner) (For S100/S200/D200 devices)

SecureBackup.exe (IronKey Secure Backup) (For S250/D250 devices)

Firefox.exe (Onboard Mozilla Firefox) (For S250/D250 devices)

You may need to refer to support and/or documentation from the vendor in order to do this.