IronKey has listened to your feedback, and we are pleased to inform you of an upcoming update to the IronKey Enterprise Management Service. This release includes a number of new management features that you and your team should be aware of. The goal of this announcement is to help you prepare for the upcoming release.

IronKey Groups In the Admin Console, Admins can optionally use IronKey Groups to manage a growing number of users:

  • Hierarchically organize your users by roles, workgroups or other methods that you choose for better manageability.
  • Delegate administration to your Admins. With IronKey Groups, an Admin can only see and manage users and devices in his group and its subgroups.
  • Take advantage of usability improvements that make managing users much more efficient (drag-and-drop functionality, right-click menus, tooltips, keyboard shortcuts and more). 

To learn more, view the IronKey Groups Quick Start Guide:



Prior to the release we recommend that you plan out your group structure for how you want to manage IronKey users:

  • Review the IronKey Groups Quick Start Guide
  • Keep the structure simple. For example, create a top-level group with subgroups by function or geographical location.
  • Communicate group assignments to Admins prior to moving Admins into subgroups. 

NOTE: A System Admin can always view and manage all users, regardless of what group the System Admin is in. Other Admins, however, can only see what is in their group and subgroups

  • You can continue to manage users in the standard list view if you prefer. Simply toggle the view with the new buttons near the top right of the Admin Console.
  • The groups view has been optimized for Internet Explorer 7+, Mozilla Firefox 3+, and Safari 4+. Internet Explorer 6 and Safari 3 users are encouraged to continue using the standard list view.