IronKey Enterprise H300: Release Notes for

Availability Date: October 8, 2014
Supported Device: H300 Enterprise
Software Version:
Device Size: 500GB, 1TB, 2TB.

Release Description:

This drive uses the USB 3 hardware architecture of the W500 and W700 devices and includes the self- defending crypto chip to protect the cryptographic keys and user identities.

IronKey Enterprise H300 features include:

  • A 508 compliant control panel localized in 8 languages
  • FAT32 or NTFS file system support for the secure volume
  • Optional Anti-Malware Scanner
  • Device management using Cloud or On-premises IronKey Enterprise Management Service or Server (Server Version 5.2 and above).
  • Remotely management of H300 devices using IronKey Silver Bullet commands and Policy updates.

For a full list of enterprise functionality, please see the H300 User Guide and Enterprise Server/Service documentation.

Supported computer platforms:

Supported on Windows XP (SP2+), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.0, Windows 8.1, Mac 10.6+, Unlocker for Linux (2.6 or higher, x86)


  1. With certain laptop and desktop models, the H300 device may not be recognized after a warm or cold boot operation. A simple workaround is to unplug and re-plug the device in to the USB port.
  2. With certain laptop and desktop models, the H300 device LED stays-on during S3 sleep mode.