H300 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does the H300 support the same applications as the X250 series of devices?

Only Anti-Malware is available on the H300. To have anti-malware software installed, the H300 must be an Enterprise device.


What do I need to install anti-malware on my drive?

Anti-malware is only available through Ironkey Enterprise Server or Service. In order to install anti-malware, you must be licensed to allow installation of the software. Contact your Sales Representative for more details.


Why can I not copy large file sizes to my H300 drive?

In order to copy file sizes larger than 4 GB you will need to format the drive as NTFS. If the drive has already been activated, back-up your data then access the drive’s Control Panel and select Settings (Cog Icon) => Tools => Reformat Secure Volume and select NTFS.


How can I make a Basic H300 an Enterprise H300?

You will need to set-up the drive as a Basic model and then access the drive’s Control Panel. You can then change the drive to an Enterprise model. If you change the drive to Enterprise, it can only be activated through Ironkey Enterprise Server or Service.


Can I change an Enterprise managed drive to a Basic drive?

No, once the Enterprise drive has been activated, it cannot revert back to a Basic model even after recommissioning through Ironkey Enterprise Server or Service.


Can I manage H300’s with Ironkey Enterprise Service or any version of Server?

You can manage devices with Ironkey Enterprise Service after October 7th, 2014. Enterprise Server customers need to upgrade to version 5.2


Does the Silver Bullet feature work on Enterprise H300’s?

Yes, all Silver Bullet features are supported on Enterprise models.


What capacities does the H300 support?

500GB, 1TB and 2TB.