DataLocker Master Password Utility allows you to set an Administrator's password to the DataLocker Enterprise/Pro and ezSECU models. Having an Administrator's password set on the device insures that you still have access to the DataLocker drive in an event that the user forgets his password. It is highly recommended that you set an Admin password to your DataLocker drives. Keep this password safe and do not give out the Admin password to your users. 

Quick Guide
1. [Refresh Button]Upon opening up the program, the DataLocker drive will automatically be detected. Click this button at anytime to redetect the DataLocker drive.
2. [Current Admin Password]For first time Admin password setup, leave this box blank. To change the Admin password for this device, enter the current Admin password in this box.
3. [New Admin Password]Enter the new Admin Password here. *Do not enter the current user password. Doing so will prevent the ability to login as an Admin until you change the current User password.*
4. [Confirm Admin Password]Confirm the new Admin Password here.
5. [Set Admin Password Button]Clicking this button will set the new Admin password to the device. Once the Admin password has been set, you will have to power the DataLocker drive off and on for the new changes to take effect.