Since the DataLocker Enterprise and DL3 drives have hardware on-the-fly encryption.  Your computer systems will recognize the drive the same as it would an external USB hard drive.  Thus giving you the ability to boot custom bootable environments such as WinPE and Linux operating system directly from the DataLocker drive.

Due to the fact that the DataLocker drive will need to be authenticated before it can be recognized by the system;  you will need to find a way to pause the boot process.  This can be done a few ways.

Here are the steps to one of the ways to boot to the DataLocker drive:

1) Press the Pause/Break key on the keyboard as soon as the computer powers on.  

2) Enter password on the DataLocker drive and press connect.  

3) Resume booting by pressing any key and then bring up the computer's Boot-Up Menu.  

4) Select the USB device from the Boot-Up Menu and the computer should start to boot from the DataLocker drive.

Some modern laptops may not have the Pause/Break key on it's keyboard.  You may choose to plug in a standard USB keyboard that contains this key.