Self Password Reset (Performed by User Alone):

Create a 'New Policy' with the following settings:

Under Password Policy:

Set 'Password Reset to 'Allow'

Do not check 'Only allow Admins to view Recovery Code'

Under the 'Advanced' section, 'Online Account Access' is set to 'All Users'

Save this policy and apply it to user devices if you want Users to reset their own passwords.

User Procedure to reset their own password:

Once a User enters their activation code and sets their Password for the first time, they will receive the following message.

The User checks their inbox and clicks on the link provided within the e-mail from Datalocker Support

The User then is presented with the following screen in order to 'Bind' their device to their 'Online Account'

along with additional instructions. User clicks on the link.

User Creates a 'Secret Question' and provides a response and then clicks on 'Create Account'

User returns to the Device set-up screen and clicks OK to complete the Activation process

Password Reset Procedure (Self Reset):

User launches the 'Client software as normal and clicks on the 'Password Help' Button.

User is presented with the following screen and clicks on 'Continue'.

User is presented with the following screen

User checks their e-mail and clicks on the link to access their Online Account. User enters the answer to the Secret

Question they created earlier when they first activated their device. Once accepted, the user receives their 'Recovery Code'.

User enters their 'Recovery Code and clicks 'Continue. The User is then prompted to change their Password.

Reset a Device Password by a Sys Admin (User self Reset disabled):

Configure a 'New Policy' Policy with the following Settings.

Within the 'Password Policy' Settings, 'Allow' Password Reset and place a check Mark in the Check Box for 'Only allow Admins to View recovery code'.

Within the Advanced' Settings, set the Online Account option to 'All Users'

Once the User activates the device and enters and confirms the Password, the User is not prompted to 'Bind' the device to an Online Account.

When they lock the device or launch the Client software from the device, they will have a 'Password Help' Button.

When the User clicks on the Password Help button, they receive the following message.

Click 'Continue'

User then receives the following Message stating they need to contact their System Administrator

System Administrator Actions:

Open the EMS Admin Console and click on the device in question in 'Device Manager'

When the new 'Manage Device' screen appears, the sys admin will click on 'Show Recovery Code'

to receive the recovery code.

Send the code to the User so they can enter it into the dialog box shown above and then they click 'Continue.

User is prompted now to reset their Password.