IronKey ™ EMS Cloud Release Notes for v17.3.5

Release Date: April 4, 2017

WHAT’S NEW in version 17.3.5:

1. Deviceless account upgrade. For accounts created before September 2016, your account will now support deviceless administrators. On first login by a system admin, you will be prompted to create the Default User Policy, after which you can create deviceless administrators. Deviceless administrators do not need a physical IronKey device to manage the account.

2. Receive an alert if available device seats is below a threshold. This setting can be found under the Account Alerts section, My Account tab. When enabled, if a device is activated and the remaining device license count is below the specified number, the administrator will be alerted.

3. Minor bug fixes and stability improvements


  • Firefox Browser: On page ‘Reset Your Password’ link might not be responsive on the first click. Workaround: Click on the link for the second time.
  • Text entered within angular brackets is not saved in ‘Comments’ section on User Profile page. Workaround: Remove angular brackets.
  • If a ‘Group’ name contains parentheses, the browser might stop responding when the Group is being deleted. Workaround: Do not enter parentheses into the Group name.
  • Values in some columns on Manage Users, Manage Devices or Manage Policies pages might not sort properly. Workaround: If needed, download the list to the spreadsheet and perform sort or filter.