Subject: IronKey ™ EMS Cloud Release Notes for v16.6.5 - Device-less Admin Devices

Release Date: April 4, 2017

Dear Valued Customer:

The team at DataLocker is pleased to announce that a new version of IronKey EMS cloud will change the way EMS Admins are able to access the management console for their account and also the way that our managed devices function.

Background -

Previously Admin’s had to access the management console through the control panel of their issued Admin devices.

Key new features -

 Admins will now be able to access the Management Console via a Web-based interface without a physical Ironkey device.

 Email based two factor authentication will be required to access the Management Console via a user name and password

Impact to your account –

 Now Admin’s will be able to gain access to the management console without requiring a physical Ironkey device.

 This will still allow the admins to manage their account devices, users, and policies just as they had previously, but simply provides them easier access to the Console.

 This feature is optional – when adding new Admin User to your account, you have the option to pick which login method works best in your environment. Choose the new Device-less method to ensure that you will always have access to your management console in the event of your Ironkey Admin device being lost.

Impact to your devices -

 With the new feature of being able to access the Management console via a Web-based

login, newly released devices (Sentry EMS and D300M) will no longer have the Admin

Console icon in their device control panel.

 Admins who are issued Sentry EMS or D300M devices will only be able to access the

EMS Management Console via the Web-based login.

 If you only want your Admins accessing the console through their device, you will need

to make sure that they are issued legacy devices (S100, X250, S1000) or a DataLocker

H350 Hard Drive. If this is the case, you might have to pull back some of the issued

legacy devices and reserve them for your Admins and issue the Sentry EMS or D300M

devices to the standard users (who do not have access to the Management Console


Please reach out to your account manager should you have any questions, or feel free to

contact our support team at:


email: [email protected]

phone: 1-913-310-9088.

Best regards,

Jay Kim

CEO & President