How to recover a device that was managed from a different ACCESS Enterprise Installation pointing to a different SQL database.



  1. You have a copy or know the ACCESS Enterprise Corporate Identifier (CCI) of the original license file used to manage the device(s) originally.
  2. The device management code originally assigned to the device.



  1. Create a new SQL database and run the device script provided in the ACCESS Enterprise Manager download package.
  2. Install ACCESS Enterprise Manager and create an ODBC connection on the machine hosting the Manager.
  3. Import the original license file that was used to manage the device(s) originally. If you do not have the license file but know the CCI, please contact [email protected]
  4. Connect the device and launch ACCESS Enterprise Manager.
  5. Select “Device Initialization” and then “Manage Device”.
  6. Select the “Erase” radial button and provide the original management code when prompted.
  7. You can now manage the device on the new ACCESS Enterprise installation.