How many fingers should I enroll on the Defender Bio-metric drive?


It is recommended that you enroll at least two fingers for bio-metric authentication. Since many factors can affect bio-metric performance, it is best to have a second finger in case the first is not being recognized, for example, due to an injury.

In order to enroll fingerprints onto the F200 and H200 Biometric Drives, you will need to plug the drive in and execute the start.exe located on the drive.

Once you run start.exe, you will be presented with a window that looks like this:

Select "Personalize Device"

and then select "Typical" for device personalization

Then select "NEXT" 


Then select "NEXT" 

Once you have added the administrator password, select a username and password to use with the drive and select a minimum of 2 fingerprints to enroll.

Then select "NEXT" 

It will then ask which finger to use for the first fingerprint, select the appropriate finger and click "NEXT"

Next it will ask you to swipe your finger until it has successfully got 100% fingerprint scan. (Usually 5 times, sometimes as many as 15 times to get a good reading)

Once you have successfully added your fingerprint, it will ask you to select your other finger to add the fingerprint to.

Follow the same steps for your second fingerprint.

Once you have enrolled both fingerprints, it will show that it has been successfully personalized.

Click "OK" and it will take you to where you can log in.

You can select "LOGIN" then accept the License Agreement

Swipe your finger to log in and begin using your drive

Once you have done that, it will unlock the drive and you will be able to use the drive, or select any of the options to do other actions.

You may simply close the ACCESS Standard window that is open and continue to use the drive.