How do I find the serial number for my IronKey H80 device?

The serial number of your H80 can be found on the device label located on the back of H80 hard drive.


What Operating System does the IronKey H80 support?

The H80 is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP (Prof and Home SP3), Windows Vista (Bus, Ent and Home editions SP2), Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, and Macintosh OSX 10.5 or higher.


Can the H80’s be managed with either the ACCESS Enterprise management software or the “IronKey Encrypted USB” McAfee ePO extension software?

No, the IronKey H80 devices cannot be managed and are designed to be standalone devices.


How can I reset the H80 back to factory defaults?

The IronKey H80 device uses the pre-installed ACCESS Standard software. To reset the unit back to factory status, you can recycle the device. Recycling the device will erase everything on it so ensure you want to perform this action. 

  1. Connect the H80 to a Windows computer and launch the ACCESS Standard application (Start.exe) from the Application Drive.
  2. On the ACCESS Standard - Manage Device, select Recycle Device from the task list.
  3. On the ACCESS Standard - Recycle Device, read the warning message and then type the management code in the Management Code box and click Next to continue. ACCESS Standard will automatically recycle the device and a message will appear confirming that your device was successfully recycled.

Note that the default Management Code is RECYCLE; you must use the correct Management Code to perform device recycle. Once changed, the default Management Code is no longer functional. Technical Support is unable to assist with unknown device Management Code and/or administrator password.


The device application does not start automatically when the operating system recognizes the device, what do I do?

You can manually start the ACCESS Standard application by double-click the Start.exe file from the root directory on the application partition. (If necessary, in the notification area at the far right of the Window taskbar, click the IronKey icon, and then click Login from the menu.)


Can I save data to the Application partition?

You cannot save data to the Application partition of the H80 device. You can only save data to your H80 Private partition.