What operating systems support the Defender F100, F150 and F200 flash products and H100 and H200 hard disk products? What is the current released version of software and firmware?


The compatibility of the Defender series of flash drives is dependent on the software used for logging in to the Private partition of the drive. Software is provided for the Windows operating systems, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Support is also provided for the Mac OS 10.5 and up when run on an Intel based hardware platform.

Login software is not provided nor is support available for the Linux operating systems, including Ubuntu. For the special case of the F200 and H200 if the device is configured for bio-metric only (fingerprint only), a successful finger scan immediately after the device is connected will authenticate to a Linux system. Read and write access to the Private partition will then be allowed.

This is not true if password and bio-metric are configured.

There are two current Defender software versions:

  • Version for multi-language support
  • Version for ACCESS Enterprise Servo 4.0 compatibility

Firmware Version 2.3 is current

Because of the secure access of the Defender products, specific software is provided to interface with the operating systems. Only Windows and Mac are currently supported for password access.