Some power users may want to use their new DataLocker DL3 or DataLocker DL3FE on a computer or computers that run Apple's OSX, Microsoft's Windows environment, as well as one of the various distribution versions of Linux or Unix operating systems. For these power users, picking the right file system can be difficult. exFAT works for both Windows and Mac environments, but requires special libraries to be used on Linux. 

Using OSX's disk utility and the FAT32 file format ensures the widest possible compatibility. However, you will only be able to have files up to 4GB. Larger files must be broken up. 

The other option is to format the disk using multiple partitions. This has the advantage of giving you space specifically for each operating system. The disadvantage is you will have less space available for each operating system. This can also be configured via the Disk Utility in Mac OSX. 

Please visit Apple's site to learn more about how to use Disk Utility to set up multiple partitions.