How to Connect DL Link to specified computers.
There will be two Programs needed for the DL Link; DL3 DL-Link Administrator and DL3 DL-Link Connector. Both can be found on the Website at Downloads.
Before starting any of the programs, the DL3 must be set up for DL-Link.
Connect your DL3 and input the Administrator Password.
Next tap on the SETUP button.

Next tap on SYSTEM.

Then tap on the arrow button on the top right and corner until you see DATALOCKER LINK.
Tap on it.
On this Screen, Press the “+” to select the amount of PC's you want the DL3 to connect to. For this guide, we are using only one PC. Once done, tap on ENABLE.

 Click the Back arrow located on the top left hand corner until you are at the SETUP screen.Now we are going to create a USER PASSWORD. Tap on USER PASSWORD.
Tap on CREATE. Then a warning should pop up letting you know that the default password has been changed to 000000. Click OK.

Once back at the SETUP screen, you must change the Administrator Password, Tap CHANGE PASSWORD and continue to change the administrator password.
Once that is complete, tap on the back arrow until you are at the CONNECT and SETUP screen then tap CONNECT.
 Once the DL3 is connected, start the  DL3 DL-Link Administrator program.(This program is portable so it can be used on from a USB drive for setting up multiple computers.)
For Step 1, if the Program hasn't already detected the DL3, click “Scan for DL3.”
Once the serial number shows up, input the Admin Password.
For Step 2, select how you would like the DL3 to link to a computer based on the computers information.
For Step 3, Select whether or not you want an expiration date on the DL Link.
Then for Step 4, Click the Key Icon to Link the DL3 to the computer.


Your DL-Link screen should look similar to this:
(I Blacked out all of my personal information.)

Once the link is complete, this window should pop up.

Next is to install and run the  DL3 DL-Link Connector program.
Once you run it, it will install the necessary program to link the DL3 to the computer. Once that is complete, Disconnect and connect the DL3 and input the user passcode. It should successfully log in with DL Link.The DL-Link Connecter must always be on for the computer to connect to the DL3.