How to Setup User Password?
This is a guide on how to change the User Password for DL3 and DL3FE.
First connect your DL3 and input the key code.
If this is a new device or if the default password has not been changed, you must change the default Administrator Password.
Once the key code is input, tap SETUP.

Then tap CHANGE PASSWORD and change the default Password to a secure password that only you would know.

Once that is completed, tap on USER PASSWORD and tap on ENABLE.
You should receive a message saying “WARNING USER PASSWORD HAS BEEN RESET TO ‘000000’”.
Tap OK.

Next Unplug and re-plug the DL3 and input the User Password (000000), tap OK, then tap SETUP.
At the first screen, there is a button called “CHANGE PASSWORD”, tap that and change the user password to what you or the user want.

Now the user should log into the DL3 with only using the user password.